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Creating Community

We believe that buildings should bring a community together.  On a small scale, we do this by designing spaces that encourage planned and unplanned interaction.  On a larger scale, we do this by building consensus around creative and cost effective solutions that will serve a community well for generations to come.


Environmental Responsibility

We believe that it is our responsibility to find the right balance between initial cost and long-term sustainability for our planet. We will help you maximize the energy efficiency opportunities within your budget.


Collaborative Process

We believe that the end result is greater when everyone is working together for a common goal.  Our process begins with understanding your values, your goals for the future, and what makes your project special.  Throughout the project, we work hard to maintain a positive attitude and working relationship between all parties.


Respecting Budgets

We believe that budgets are real and are committed to making the most of design opportunities.  Our goal is to spend money where it will have the greatest impact on both functionality and aesthetics. 


Historic Renovation

We believe that historic buildings should be thoughtfully updated for modern use.  We strive to find creative solutions to code requirements, preservation constraints, energy efficiency and financial limitations without compromising a building’s function or distinguishing character.
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