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Campus Master Planning

When developing Master Plans, we begin with active listening, discussion, and research.  There is already a trove of information about your facilities that we will need to sift through.  Equally important is the need for us to understand the goals and aspirations of your institution.  Understanding comes from bringing stakeholders together, balancing priorities, and helping to forge common goals.
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SJA-Athletic Facilities Study-2020-02-20


Facility Master Planning

Projects often begin with a review of existing facilities, needs assessment, a comprehensive analysis and prioritization, and an investigation of conceptual design options.  Over the past 35+ years, we have developed tools and processes for efficiently delivering comprehensive recommendations.  Having said that, each project is different, and the first task will be to sit down with you and your stakeholders to customize our approach. There is a lot of information to gather and a variety of ways to analyze and present it.  We want to make sure the process and products have the maximum value possible.
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Facilities Capital Planning

Whether a school district, campus, or individual building, we can help you develop a holistic and realistic plan for addressing code issues, planned replacements, energy upgrades, deferred maintenance and other operational needs.  
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