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Jay Peak Hotel and Waterpark (Jay, VT)


Resorts and Hotels

For a great guest experience a hotel design needs to welcome guests and offer them the chance to belong to a special place. Take for example, the design of the public spaces like lobbies, hallways and lounges: are these meant only to impress or are they designed to be truly welcoming and provide guests with memories of gracious hospitality? Are social encounters with other guests easy and natural? Black River Design believes guests enjoy being part of a special place and a special community, even for a short time.
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Successful restaurant designs work on different levels. First, and mostly unseen by the public, restaurants need to be efficient catering and food preparation facilities. For guests, memorable restaurant designs offer an invitation to experience the host’s vision. The vision can be anything: the geography and history of its location, a food culture or cuisine. The important thing is to engage the customer and make them want to be part of the story.
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Recreation and Fitness

Recreation and fitness facilities need to succeed on multiple levels.  Black River Design believes that in addition to their primary functions, these facilities are frequently important places where people meet and, in many cases, serve as community landmarks.
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