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Colleges and Universities

In higher education learning occurs in both formal and informal spaces; wherever students and faculty get together. In our college and university architecture, we look for ways to make campus connections and bring people together, in sustainably designed buildings with abundant natural light. Our teaching environments incorporate flexible space and furniture design to satisfy the trend towards collaborative study and small group learning. Our clients range from liberal arts colleges, culinary institutes and art colleges to research universities and medical schools.
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Independent Schools

Independent schools offer choices in pedagogical approach, social environment and location to families seeking educational options.  Many independent schools have a distinct sense of community and personality that heavily influence the form of their campuses and buildings. Our design process takes care to understand the unique institutional and residential cultures of our independent school clients. Our most successful independent school buildings have transformed their campuses.
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K-12 Public Schools and Technical Centers

The years from kindergarten through high school are transformative and our designs focus on socialization and intellectual skill development.  Black River Design specializes in creating built environments and teaching spaces that support and nurture the individual child by providing safe connections to community and putting an emphasis on group learning and activity.
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