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Tri-Valley Transit Headquarters and Bus Maintenace Garage

Middlebury, Vermont

The new bus maintenance facility and administrative headquarters consists of a new two story, 5,400 sf office building with an attached 6,880 sf maintenance and bus wash facility.  TVT, a community transit provider, promotes sustainability and energy efficiency as core elements of its mission.  In line with this, the new Community Transportation Center was built to meet or exceed Energy Code requirements for insulation and energy efficient systems and also to incorporate renewable energy sources.  The design team identified strategies with the best return on investment.  For example, energy modeling revealed that using efficient radiant floor heating, passive solar design and heat recovery ventilation would reap significant returns in the garage and bus wash areas, due to their large interior volume.  The Transportation Center’s high visibility location also provided an incentive to incorporate sustainability features into the architectural design and demonstrate TVT’s leadership. 


Project Team

Civil Engineer: VHB

Structural Engineer: JIH Structural Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer: LN Consulting

Solar Design: DC Energy Innovations

Cost Estimator: Merkur Construction

General Contractor: VMS Construction

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