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= items accomplished since January 2023 launch


Net Zero Energy

What we already did:

  • Meet or exceed current energy code. 
  • Schedule blower door testing to happen as soon as air barrier is complete and conduct infrared scanning during testing. Work with contractors to improve envelope airtightness. Keep airtightness testing contractor-friendly. 
  • Promote the use of heat pumps/all electric heat and use biomass when it serves better than all-electric.  We still do some new projects with fossil fuels. 
  • Work with consultants to energy model projects.  Evaluate software for in-house use.

Embodied Carbon

  • Research ways to reduce embodied carbon in our design projects. 
  • Encourage renovation and reuse. 
  • Begun to modify our specs based on carbon impact of products. 

What we already did:

In-house Expertise

  • Hold design pin-ups during schematic design on significant/new construction projects. 
  • Encourage Better Buildings by Design conference attendance with goal of an average 5 people/year. 
  • Attend Lunch & Learns relate to sustainability. 
  • Seek LEED certified or sustainability-minded staff when job openings occur.

What we already did:

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Post-occupancy Evaluation (POE)

What we already did:

  • Currently not systematic but does happen ad-hoc. 

Collaboration with Engineers and Contractors

What we already did:

  • Help contractors become more aware of sustainable practices, technologies, and construction details.  

Office Operations

What we already did:

  • Recent office renovations have used efficient light fixtures, high recycled content flooring, and an efficient ventilation system. 
  • Our offices have been located in downtown Montpelier for over 30 years. Our location has a Walk Score of 91, which means we can run errands, shop, get lunch, etc. from work on foot. Many of our staff walk, bike, or ride public transportation to and from work - 40% of employees live within walking distance of the office.  
  • Recycle, compost, and use reusable dishes and flatware.   
  • Provide home workstations to all staff to work remotely if they choose.  
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Community Outreach/activism

What we already did:

  • Participated in (and won) Montpelier 2030 Design competition. 
  • Promote zoning changes for walkable communities. 
  • Serve as members of planning committees & DRBs.  
  • Support employees who choose to teach at local colleges. 
  • Encourage local, low-carbon sports.
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