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Horticulture Education Center (HREC)

University of Vermont (Burlington, VT)

The UVM Horticultural Research Center (HREC) is located on a gentle, west facing, slope in the Champlain valley.  The site is a working farm and is also the primary field laboratory for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  It serves as a training facility for horticulturists and food production scientists and a model organic farming operation, or CSA, for the community that surrounds it.  Located five miles south of the main UVM campus, the 97 acre site is a piece of rural Vermont landscape surrounded by suburban neighborhoods and commercial development that have grown up around it.  The campus includes a working fruit and vegetable farm that provides a landscape to host research, teaching, outreach activities, and a farm stand.  The buildings and infrastructure have not been updated in over 70 years and do not meet modern standards for conducting research and teaching activities.  While the immediate need was for a new flexible use pavilion, concurrently, Black River created a Master Plan document laying out a vision for re-development of the entire campus, including renovation to the existing structures and construction of a new a state-of-the-art laboratory and classroom. The 1,200 sf pavilion is currently under construction.  


Project Team

Landscape Designer: VHB

Civil Engineer: Krebs & Lansing Consulting Engineers

Structural Engineer: Novelli Engineering

Mechanical Engineer: Slade Engineering

Electrical: Pearson & Associates (now Dubois & King)

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