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Children's Literacy Foundation (CLiF)

Waterbury, Vermont

The Children’s Literacy Foundation, a nonprofit serving children in Vermont and New Hampshire through books and storytelling, has moved in to their newly constructed headquarters in Waterbury.  The building's mechanical system is 100% fossil fuel free, designed with the goal of becoming Net zero. The electricity produced by the 17.3kW solar array on the roof offsets lighting, domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning, whole building ventilation and two electrical vehicle charging stations. To help meet the net zero goal, heating loads are kept low with insulation values above code requirements and a tight envelope to reduce air infiltration. Air to air heat pumps inside the building providing heating and cooling with backup electric baseboard heating if the heat pumps need support maintaining comfortable temperatures.  It will take a full year of data to see how the solar electrical production matches usage but by this time next year we hope to call the building Net zero!


Project Team

Civil Engineer: Trudell Consulting Engineers

Structural Engineer: Engineering Ventures

Mechanical Engineer: VHV

Electrical: LN Consulting

General Contractor: Naylor and Breen

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