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The Drink

Jay Peak Resort, Vermont

Overlooking the double barrel surfing wave at the Pumphouse waterpark, the drink offers 86-degree temperatures and cold beverages year round. To the East are transparent garage doors that open up to the outdoor pool and infield.  

Mountain Dick's Pizzeria

Jay Peak Resort, Vermont

Located inside the Hotel Jay, this pizzeria features a wedge shaped floating ceiling and a variety of seating options for busy families and late night crowds.

Bruegger’s Bagels

Locations throughout Eastern U.S. 

BRD helped the Vermont-based bakery chain update their design standards to work with the branding concept “country fresh”.  Our design of a prototypical bakery store for a generic site generated concepts that were translated into a palette of furnishings, materials and color that were applied to actual retail locations all over the country.  The key words “freshness” and “abundance” were  incorporated through the visibility of the baking process and the presentation of the food display and preparation. 

Dunkin Donuts/Tenneybrook Markets

Locations throughout Vermont 

Following a branding exercise with the owner of sixteen convenience stores, BRD developed a prototype store with a new contemporary, sustainable, and fresher, cleaner image.  The beer cavern, custom rings of track lights, and a central lighting element create a unique identity and experience for the store. Track lighting is used to focus light on products and provide flexibility for display changes.  An open interior at the front entry and display fixtures below eye-level provide visibility across the entire floor.  
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