Tenneybrook Markets

Castleton, VT  |  Poultney, VT  |  Middlebury, VT  |  Manchester, VT  |  Rutland, VT  

This prototype store emerged from a branding exercise with the owner of sixteen convenience stores.  The design standards are contemporary, sustainable, and fresher.  The beer cavern, custom rings of track lights, and a central lighting element create a unique identity and experience for the store.  Minimal general lighting is augmented with daylight from windows un-obstructed by advertisements and posters.  A cathedral ceiling with skylight allows daylight and the outdoors to permeate deeper into the middle of the store and intensifies the open feeling of the space.  Track lighting is used to focus light on products and provide flexibility for display changes.  An open interior at the front entry and display fixtures below eye-level provide visibility across the entire floor.  Energy efficient building practices include the application of two layers of continuous exterior insulation, high efficiency light fixtures and controls, substantial daylighting, and a refrigeration system which uses outside air to reduce the need for electric cooling during Vermont winters.